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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bike Advertising

This follows on from some research I did into starting a business selling advertising space on bikes with trailers or on specially constructed tricycles or quadricycles. The picture is from Gotcha who can be found at

The first problem that I had was in finding an ad-bike for sale. Several firms would be happy to rent a Quad to you to advertise your business (at a price!) and I'll start a separate post containing links to those I know about as I'm sure readers in other businesses would be interested in this eye catching method of promotion. Practically speaking the trailer is a considerably cheaper alternative to the Quad and recumbent Quads & trikes need some quite time consuming adjustments to change rider size whereas a bike is much more easily adjusted. If I buy a second trailer a student with a bike to tow it shouldn't be to hard to find as I live less than 10 minutes walk from the university!

Eventually I found one company "Work-cycle" of Holland who would be able to let me have a trailer mounted advertising system which uses A0 sized posters. My stumbling block at the moment is the cost: Euro 950 each plus delivery. Work-cycle are listed in my links on the lower right hand side of the page.

I really do hope to get hold of this sort of trailer soon and I'm considering building a chassis which could take an A0 A board sign purchased from one of the many signage specialists advertising on the net.

Part of the beauty of this promotional technique is the ability to stop and hand out leaflets or promotional gifts and talk about the client's product or service. From my point of view it draws on my sales experience as well as my love of cycling.

The customer would need to design the posters & have them printed and this work is available on the net for under £70 for two A0 posters. For more complex posters it might be necessary to engage a graphic artist though I have always found it difficult to delegate and might be inclined to take a course on Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator and hand my artwork, once my client has approved it, straight to the poster printer in digital format.

In my investigations I also came across this solution if advertisers can live with an A1 size poster (half the area of A0) and a lack of storage for flyers, though I suppose the rider could have a courier bag or panniers on the bike. Price for this one is Euro 299 and deals are available for orders for 5 or 10 units at a time from

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