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Monday, September 10, 2007

My First Trailer

When, for the first time since I was 17, I found myself having to do without a car, I began to think about a trailer for my bicycle.

The problem was that at the time (1992) there were very few trailers on the market any many of them had a tiny payload in terms of both weight & volume.

After much searching I found a company in Scotland who could mail me a "Columbus" trailer which could carry 100kg and a big volume.

The trailer, built in Denmark, was essentially a PU canvas bag hung in a tubular steel frame which connected to the bike's saddle pin via a rather clever little universal joint.

I quickly found loads of uses for my Columbus. I delivered weekly free newspapers in it, I took the cat (in its pet box) to the vet, and I even took on a betterware round. This involved delivering catalogues of household goods, collecting them back with the orders and then delivering the goods to the customers in the trailer. I didn't earn a lot from that job so the freedom from car tax, insurance & fuel was a godsend.

The problem with the trailer was that is was ridiculously easy to roll over. Too tight turns into driveways would flip it every time. On one occasion I managed to invert it while on the way to the bottle bank. Glass all over the road! What fun!

Eventually I got another car and principly due to lack of storage space I sold my bike & trailer, an action which I have regretted ever since. I can't find a columbus trailer on the net these days and a google image search only revealed only one picture which I've included.
My second foray into the world of bike trailers came early this year. Visit again for the story.

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