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Monday, September 10, 2007

Trailer number two.

I bought this second trailer from a dealer on Ebay. Like the Columbus before it, it has the high hitch to the saddle pin approach only this time it has a mini ball hitch arrangement. A very similar trailer (but on 20" wheels rather than the 16" ones in the picture) is available at a very reasonable price from Camcarts who are in my links list (bottom right).
The trailer carries 90 litres plus and a maximum weight of 40KG.
Just like the columbus it does have a tendancy to roll if you hit a kerb at an obtuse angle at speed.
I wonder whether this is just me being incautious or whether a degree of instability is inherent in the high hitch type trailers. Most child carrying trailers, in fact all child trailers I have seen to date, employ the low hitch to the axle bolt approach to coupling.

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