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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tricycles for business

I've rattled on a bit about trailers for bicycles because I have more experience with these. It seems about time though to have a look at trikes for business.
Trikes fall into three main categories. The commonest types have the "sit up and beg" riding position with two wheels at the back & one at the front. Versions of this type are available from Pashley dealers & from Cycles maximus who are both listed in my links list (below the adverts on the right). The second variation on this form is the Dutch "Bakfiets" with one rear wheel, two front and a front mounted load box. Less commonly seen are the recumbent trikes. An ad version is shown in my previous post but load carrying versions are inhibited by the single rear wheel. Though if you just want to carry 50 to 80 litres of stuff you could look at a recumbent like ICE's Trice pictured above fitted with optional panniers.
If it's a market or street trading stall you fancy then how about this (top) from Henry workcycles in Holland. An extension of the bakfiets idea with fold out front and rear tables & a parasol. Chris van der Oord quoted me Euro 2650 for this with 7 speed gears, including tax but excluding delivery.
I haven't yet found a bakfiets dealer in the UK. Last but not least, here is cycles maximus' offering. Like a small van but without the operating costs! They also do a version with a fibreglass hard-top which is in service with the Royal Mail to name just one major company. Are their any Posties out there who can tell me what it's like to work with?


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Since writing this I found Bakfiets at

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