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Monday, October 22, 2007

Freedom (at a price)

The Y Frame trailer from Carry Freedom is one on my favourite trailer ideas. Incredibly simple, the Chassis is an aluminium Y which is then topped by a wooden deck. The deck is predrilled so that you can fit lugs (supplied by the trailer maker) to any box that you have lying around. Alternatively bags to fit the deck can be supplied or you can choose from a substantial collection of plastic crates or locking alloy trunks.
One of the best features, IMHO, are the wheel mountings. These are wheelchair stub axles so that the wheel is mounted only on the inside making it really easy to mend a puncture while also minimising the frame weight.
The CFY is available in two sizes. The small version has 16" wheels, carries 45Kg and costs £180 plus your choice of box. The Large size carries a whopping 90Kg, has 20" wheels and is only £20 dearer.
Carry freedom's website is a thing of beauty too. Visit it at

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Phil Dutton said...

Hi, We are an engineering firm in the north west of England looking to remove one of our works vans from the road and replace it with a cycle and trailer or tricycle.

We heard you on the radio yesterday, and wanted to contact you to ask a few questions. Do you have an email address or any contact details, as I couldn't find any on your page.

We have been trying to find some kind of funding to help us with this, but have been unsucessful in this. Do you know of any web sites or companies/government departments I could contact who would be able to offer any assistance with this? Please contact us at the email address below:

Thanks, Phil