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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cargo on 2 wheels

Certain loads can be carried in front and rear panniers on a conventional bikes but here at onelessvan we like to think beyond the conventional.
If you can't find shed space for a trailer or trike then what cargo carrying ability is available to you. The traditional butcher's/grocer's bike pictured (top) as well as the Post Office style "mailstar" bike are available from Pashley.
John Borwell Cycles of Norwich (01603)787 736 gave me a ball park price of £700 but admitted that their price list was a 2005 one!
As usual the Dutch have come up with another striking solution to bicycle cargo logistics. This two wheeled variation on the bakfiets trike (below) is available from the Cambridge Cycle Company
and offers a novel way to transport cargo or kids. The company's website invites you to visit them to try a demonstator. I might yet take them up on it.
Yet another approach is to extend the rear frame of the bike to carry a longer and / or wider box than usual. This concept can be built into the bike as in the case with the Yuba Mundo (left) which is available from Loads Better. The mundo is built in both single gear and 6 speed versions.

An extended rear frame can also be retro fitted to a standard bike. All the bits you need to do this are available in a single kit also from Loads Better in the form of the Extra Cycle Free Radical kit. The kit (pictured below) costs £295 and a number of accessories are available to accommodate extra long or extra wide loads.

Following a couple of interesting phone conversations with dealers about the latest new models I'll be revisiting the bakfiets trikes in the next post. Don't go away!

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