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Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Bakfiets Available in the UK

London recumbents very kindly made me aware of Nihola who produce these trikes which can be had in either a load carrying form or an advertising poster form as pictured. The advertising form has the option of an opening front thus providing space for your promotional gifts, lunch, beer etc. They come with 5 or 7 speed gears and front drum brakes. They'll carry 100kg and have an unladen weight of around 33kg though this obviously depends on which of the huge range of options and extras you choose.

I also spoke recently to Winther's uk agent
This Cambridge firm supply Winther's Kangaroo model (third pic down) which is primarily designed for carrying kids but could be used for shopping or packages.
Unfortunately their site doesn't give a vast amount of technical data and I've heard whispers about problems with warranties. Shame as it looks so smart.

Despite being in holland
will import their cargo trike (bottom pic) direct to your door but crucially

they seem to have established a network of people and dealers in the UK who would give a test ride. One correspondent told me they had lent him a bike (2 wheeled bakfiets) to try before he decided to buy. He's promised me a road test report in the new year.


Modified Mummy said...

I would adore one of those for my children and I. I have never learned to drive, and am considering making it an actual choice rather than the fact I can't afford to learn.

But then, as I can't afford to learn to drive, there is no way I can afford one of these for a very long time!

Mike @ Onelessvan said...

I know the feeling!
Your cheapest pedal powered option is a s/h bike & a trailer for the children from Wilco or Halfords or the like. I have't really started to cover Kiddie trailers as there are just so many of them.
If it's a trike (bakfiets in dutch)that your after then you could have a Smart trike for £1800 (or be like Jules Oliver with a Trio for £300 more). The Nihola cigar from London Recumbants also comes in at £1800. Just looking through my old posts the cheapest option seems to be the Johnny Loco which is on the blog at €1700 (approx£1350).
Bear in mind, of course that cycling will save you driving essons, test fee(s), Insurance, Tax, insurance, MOT, and possibly congestion charges, parking fees & fines. And your bakfiets will tun more heads than any ferrari.
Also have a look at the two wheel Bakfietsen. They are lighter, more manouverable and cheeaper. Dutchbike's short bakfiets with a seat and a rain hood would be £1355.
Thanks for visiting. Still gives me a thrill when people comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

How can I find details of the UK re-sellers of Backfiests please? Etienne