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Thursday, November 29, 2007

One wheel on my wagon

Three mono-wheel trailers have come to my attention apart from the extrawheel advertising trailer which I featured some weeks ago. These are the BOB Yak, the Oxtail, and the cargo version of the extrawheel. The first two provide a platform for carrying a large sports bag while the last provides two net panniers into which you put your cargo.

Starting then with the top picture. The extrawheel trailer weighs in a 4.8kg and can carry up to 120 litres of kit in two waterproof bags slung in the cargo nets attached on each side of the single wheel. There is a choice of wheel size and of bag size. The link to the bike is unusual as you need to change the bike's rear axle (spindle) for extrawheel's own one which has shaped ends to accommodate the trailer's hitch. Extra spindles are available if you need to share the trailer among several bikes. The extrawheel is available direct at £136 including two 60l bags the price seems reasonable. The spare / extra spindles are £6 each.
Second picture from the top is the Oxtail which didn't show up on my previous trailer searches despite having been around a while. It weighs 6.5kg an can carry up to 70kg on it's 50x35 cm load deck. Shame about the load deck length. A quarter euro box has a footprint of 60x40cm. It may be possible to bolt or strap on something like really useful's 45 litre plastic box. That apart, the oxtail does come with a holdall and securing straps. The Oxtail is available direct from the maker and the price delivered to the UK is €290. The manufacturer is English but lives and works in Portugal.
The bottom picture is of course the BOB Yak. Probably the best known of the mono-wheels, the Yak is built in the USA and is available via many cycle dealers in the UK. BOB's website gives just two, Amba Marketing and Orbit Cycles. Both of these turned out to be wholesalers so I trawled the net again and found prices of £235 both from kinetics and future cycles.
The bag in the picture adds £0-£50 depending on where you go. Panniers are also available to hang on the sides of the trailer. The Yak weighs 5.5Kg and will carry up to 35kg. Volume inside it's frame is 90 Litres. Like the extra wheel trailer it depends on a replacement skewer to attach to the bike.
Mono-wheel trailers are much loved by those who cycle mainly off road and city users praise the way they follow the bike so closely. The ability to cut through the traffic without worrying about the width is a bonus but payload and volume are limited.

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