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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trailers indoors and out (part two)

The Bike Hod pictured here is available from Bikes & Trailers .

In its basic form it's a shopping cart with a bike hitch at a price of £235. More interesting in my onelessvan context is that it can be fitted with other "bodywork" to accomodate a toolbox or WHY?

The bike hod website has lots of information and pictures which will give you some ideas of how it might be converted to suit your needs.

With a 40 Kg payload and 12" wheels the bikehod could be ideal if you need to travel by coach or train, so long as you have a folding bike of course! I'm a bit concerned that there doesn't seem to be a suitable rear lamp attachment point though.

As with the Donkey a push-pull handle is available for ease of manouvering when disconnected from your bike.

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