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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trailers indoors and out

I've now started to ponder the use of bike trailers for people who work predominently indoors but who work at varied locations. Solicitors who move paperwork between office and court. People who carry out small repairs and need a tool box but not a fully stocked mobile workshop. Teachers and lecturers who need to move books etc from home to school college or university. There's a need here for trailers which can be detached from the bike and wheeled indoors complete with contents.
Three such trailers have come to my attention. The last I came across is actually probably the longest in production. The Winther Donkey (top left) consists of a tubular steel frame on 16" wheels which is fitted with a polyethylene box. The box is open at the back and top with a metal grille which can be used as a shelf or a barrier to prevent the load falling out of the trailer. A rain proof cover is provided.

The donkey carries 40kg and (unusually for bike trailers) comes with a five year warranty.
Allan Fowlie of quoted me £299. More information on the Donkey is available direct from it's Danish manufacturer's website.
In the interest of keeping individual posts short, I'll write about Carry Freedom's City and the Bike Hod separate posts.

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