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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Broxing clever

This excellent little HPV or recumbent quadricycle or call it what you will is built in the UK by Brox and available through Bikefix of London. I've gazed into their window a number of times as they are just around the corner from Gt Ormond St Hospital which we had cause to visit on many occasions with our son. I digress. It costs £3150 in the form shown and can carry up to 75Kg. The recumbent format has a loyal following and adherents claim that the lower frontal area and consequently reduced drag more than compensate for the extra friction of more wheels. You can also stop and sit where you are to drink your coffee. The Brox has 7 speed hub gears, hydraulic brakes and child carrying and pedicab bodies are available. I found the lower picture on a Dutch site Unfortunately I don't speak Dutch but the pictures are good.

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workbike said...

The site may be dutch, but the Brox is in Germany, and the picture os a few years ols judging by the film being advertised in the background. Which is encouraging to know: there are bigger workbikes over here. Thanks for posting!