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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There'll be bluebirds...

The Orbit Bluebird Trailer
This is sold as a 5 in one trailer. The base unit (pictured top) can be used for cargo as it is or the rails can be added as below. When fitted with the rails there is a weatherproof cover to go over the lot though this is also an optional extra. Child top, dog top and stroller conversions are also available.

The trailer runs on 20" wheels and has an internal area of 67x55cm. The side rails, tow arm and wheels stow away in the load area. The Bluebird weighs 10.2 kg but I was unable to find a recommendation for maximum payload. The base unit costs £160, the side rails a further £25, and the cover an additional £20.
I like the way the load tray extends below the axles. This should make for good stability given my propensity for rolling trailers over! I also like the hitch which attaches to both the seat and chain stays. A different (axle) hitch is available if the Bluebird is to be towed by a bike with disk brakes. My only issues are that the overall width of the trailer is 86cm which may make it difficult to get into my shed without folding it down first and that bumping up or down kerbs could severely dent the tray.

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