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Friday, January 4, 2008

Christiana Bakfietsen & Trailers

This item about Christiana is long overdue as they are a key producer of bakfiet type trikes and produce a very solid trailer. Based in Denmark, Christiana's products are available in the UK from Velorution and possibly elsewhere. The trikes and the trailer all carry a hefty 100Kg, the other dimensions for each type are given in detail on the Christiana website. The trikes can be had with a choice of 3, 5 or 7 gears and a reverse gear is also possible on the 3 & 5 speed versions! An electric motor is also available. Christiana have been building trailers since 1976 and trikes since 1984.
My only concern is that the bodies are 9mm marine ply and this could make them pretty heavy.


Anonymous said...

Mike: Nice site; found it recently. As far as the weight of Christiana products is concerned, if you're going to haul 200kg as payload, an extra 1.5kg of structural body reinforcement is not to be considered a liability, but prudent insurance. These machines are made to last several lifetimes in harsh weather and everyday use. That is not something that can be done if the top design priority is shaving grams from the weight. Pretty much the same is true of any quality cargo machine - It is good to avoid cast iron and mild steel in the construction whenever possible, but a truly strong machine will never be truly light, and those who are truly concerned with such issues will never really put a cargo bike to its proper use. Val

Anonymous said...

The word "Bakfiet" does not exist: the singular is "Bakfiets", plural is "Bakfietsen".