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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Return to Roland

I promised in my post about the Roland Carrie S flatbed trailer that I would return to the rest of their range. This offering is the Carrie M. It comes in two forms Standard and "Big".
The side panels can be built up as high as you like and you can add rails at the top or a soft cover or a locking aluminium lid. I must mention though that the accepted wisdom is that, for stability, a bike trailer shouldn't be taller than it's track (that is: the distance between the wheels). Payload for the Carrie M is the usual 40Kg. Roland seem to think that the over run (the trailer pushing the bike when going downhill or braking) would be dangerous over 40Kg but I've towed way more than this without accident.
Box footprint is 81cm x 40cm for the standard model (ideal if you need to manouvre it through ordinary doorways) and 81cm x 60cm for the "Big". The trailer runs on Schwalbe Big Apple tyres which are Kevlar reinforced to reduce the incidence of punctures. Without the side panels the Carrie weighs around 9Kg.
The price list is a bit bewildering with so many combinations of side panels, rails, lids . As a guide (and mine dates from Sep '07) a basic standard will be about £270 and a big with solid sides about £425. Extra reinforcement and suspension are options.

This is the most car-trailer-like bike trailer I have ever seen and I really fancy one, lottery permitting :-).
The Roland Carrie M is available from Bikes & Trailers, the only UK dealer as far as I am aware.

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