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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Roland Boys

Roland of Germany produce a large range of trailers and, as I mentioned before, I'm visiting the range piece by piece. I must make it clear that I do not favour any dealer over another, whether I'm writing this or buying my own kit. It's just that Bikes & Trailers are the only UK Roland dealer I know of. Honest!

The Roland Mini Boy is a two wheel, high hitch trailer constructed of tubular steel. It has twelve inch wheels with pneumatic tyres. It carries 60 litres in the box and costs £95.
Extra boxes and lids are available for £25 and £14 respectively.

The Roland Big boy has a more complete steel frame and a larger (90 Litre, 40Kg) payload.
It has 16 inch wheels though 20 inch are available as an option. Other options include the plastic tub with or without lid and the choice of the high hitch pictured or quick change high or low hitches.

The largest of Roland's tube frame trailers is "Der Roland". This carries 120 Litres in it's optional tub.

Bikes & Trailers quote dimensions but I shan't as the tubs tapers toward the base so if you need to fit something particular inside you'd be best advised to phone a get the exact. Again there is the choice of high (as pictured below) or low tow arm. The
trailer runs on 20" wheels supported on both sides. This manufacturer also produce a line of plywood sided trailers which I'll detail soon.

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