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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roland Range

Roland in Germany produce a substantial range of trailers which they sell through Bikes and Trailers of Lewes, Sussex. As it is such a large range I'll cover them in two or three features over the next couple of weeks. The one that I'll look at now is quite different from anything else in the range being a flat bed very much like the carry freedom Y frame trailer discussed previously.
The carrie comes in s and s-flexx models priced at £240 & £325 respectively.
The difference is that the flexx has an "adjustable cargo area". Effectively the cargo deck is split down the middle and a simple mechanism allows it to be widened.
The Carrie can be loaded with up to 40Kg as a trailer or 80Kg as a hand cart. High or low hitches are available as are a tailored waterproof cargo bag (with it's own snap-on securing system) and storage / transportation bag into which the trailer easily folds thanks to it's wheelchair type push button release 16inch wheels.

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