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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The trike that time forgot.

Just before I started this blog last September I was doing an image search on google when I found this picture from Nijland's website. It struck me as almost Dickensian and I felt drawn toward the site.
I was amazed that this "Delivery Tricycle" is available now. Nijland have a few standard models but their real specialism is in constructing one-offs and in modifying Trikes for disabled users.
They also make tandems, and recumbant trikes for children.
Back to the pictured bakfiets. It's designed to carry 300 to 500Kg in it's cargo area which measures an enormous185cm x 85cm x 20cm.
It has drum brakes (and with half a tonne on board I suspect you'd need them) though nothing on the website mentions gearing.
Nijland will produce a cargo body specific to your business' needs. Just don't ask me to pedal it for you!
Another "standard" model in Nijlands range appealed to the green in me. Not only is it an ecologically sound vehicle but it's role is environmentally friendly too, collecting litter. IMHO every parks department should have one. It carries three Dutch style wheelie bins (I don't know if it would take 3 UK ones without customization) . It runs on 20" wheels at the front and a 26" one at the rear. Brakes are front drums and a back pedal rear. It claims four speed Shimano Nexus gearing though I was unable to find such an animal on Shimano's website so the choice now is likely to be either 3 or 7 speeds. An Axa cable lock comes as as standard.
Nijland don't seem to sell through any UK dealers but their site is in English so I'd hope that someone there will be able to help you if you don't speak Dutch. They don't have a price list on the site either so you'll just have to contact them for more details.
Nijland also produce a plain/vanilla sort of bakfiets which you'll see on their web site. I just wanted to focus on the more unusual of their products here.

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Henry said...

Thanks for the post about the Nijland trikes. Your info is correct on all counts. Indeed Shimano stopped production of the excellent 4 speed hub a couple years ago, but we still have a small stock. Otherwise its a 3 or 8 speed (better than the 7 speed).

Forget about multispeed gearing on the big traditional trike (bakfiets in Dutch). These come only with a single-speed, fixed gear hub with a giant drum brake operated with a handle between your legs. Since its a fixed gear you can pedal forwards or backwards, much easier to do on a trike than a track bike.

Most non-Dutch have never seen an old-fashioned bakfiets so its difficult to convey the scale of it. Here are some hints: 3.5m long, 125kg empty, 4mm thick stainless spokes, 26 x 2.5" transporter tires, motorcycle chain...

WorkCycles in Amsterdam sells the Nijland trikes throughout Europe and there are more variants, info and images on our site. You'll find them under "Commercial Transport Trikes".


ps: I found a number of images from the WorkCycles site on yours. Do please ask for permission to use these. I always say yes as long as it gives due credit or links to us. Keeep up the good work.