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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bike Advertising

Back on September 15th I briefly mentioned Cycles- maximus' cargo trike. Now I've got more knowledge of worktrikes in general I thought I'd revisit the Cycles-maximus products.
The great thing about these trikes is the interchangability of the body. The same chassis takes a canvas topped cargo tub, a fibreglass cargo box, 6 sheet advertising body, pedicab or you can have the simple flatbed. This is so that you or your coachbuilder can build you a custom body. Maybe a hotdog van or an ice-cream trike.
Price range from £2145 for a rolling chassis to £3625 for an adtrike. All models can be fitted with electric assist. The Heinzmann at £1195 offers nippy assistance on the flat. The Lynch system at £2395 provides power for heavy loads and steep hills.
The pedalled transmission is in itself unusual using an 8 speed derraileur to drive a 3 speed hub. This gives you 8 speeds on the move but the option of changing the hub gears at a stanstill to suit local conditions. Depending on body type and transmission chosen the trike can carry from 200kg to 281kg.
The adtrike pictured has space for 2 posters each 1200mm x 1800mm which can be backlit. The rear door gives access to storage space for promotional materials.

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