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Friday, February 15, 2008

More from roland

This is the last instalment of my roundup of products from the German trailer maker Roland. Until, of course, they bring out something new. Alongside the Carrie series that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago Roland produce these plywood sided trailers very much like that offered by Christiana. Though the latter carry a bit more weight. Construction is of tubular steel and plywood with aluminium edging and plastic reinforced corners. Roland offer a range of options including high and low Webber hitches and an aluminium top for the two larger sizes.

The smallest of the range is the Maxi (top) with 12 inch wheels and 78x53x20 cm (internal) load area.
Next up is the Profi (below) with a 120 Litre cargo area (internal 88x58x25cm). The Profi runs on 20 inch wheels and can carry up to 200Kg with a recommendation of 40Kg as a trailer. The one illustrated has the optional cover fitted.

The bottom picture is of the largest of this style of Roland trailer, the jumbo.
This one is identical in payload to the Profi but with 35cm high sides giving an increased volume of 175 Litres.
Starting prices are £199, £265 and £275 respectively but there are a number of tow hitch options which change the price. The lid can be had with or without rails. Roland products are sold in the UK by Bikes & Trailers.

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