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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Practical Pashley

I've been rather slow in writing up the Pashley Euroload trailer as it's picture has been in the right hand column since I began this blog last September.
I called it the practical Pashley in the title as it's designed to carry a half Euro-pallet box. For anyone not familiar with this format a Euro-pallet (pictured) measures 1200mm x 8oomm and a range of boxes and crates have been developed to be transported on these pallets. Typical sizes are 600x400 (4 to a pallet), 1200x800 (1 to a pallet) or 800x600 (2 to a pallet) which is the size the the Euroload trailer is designed to carry. There are smaller Euro boxes & crates available (eg 8 to a pallet) and this trailer can accommodate combinations of these as well.
The trailer runs on 20 inch alloy rimmed wheels and has a payload capacity of 60Kg. My thanks to Lee at Pashley for that last bit of information as it wasn't anywhere online.
The grey pallet box pictured with the trailer isn't included in the £285 price but in fairness this trailer is aimed at industries already using this sort of box / crate. The Euroload is available online from Bikes & Trailers but Pashley have loads of dealers (including Harrods!) and I'm sure any of them would be happy to procure one for you. Have a look at their dealer list here.

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