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Friday, May 30, 2008

A small price to pay...

If you're looking for a bargain price small cargo trailer then OLV has just found you one courtesy of and Amazon. Bikebiz is an onlline trade magazine and this is the only trailer listed in their "Best Buy" section. More cargo bike coverage please BikeBiz.

This diminutive tow along is Made by Bellilli and distributed wholesale in the UK by Avocet, Belvin, Hykeham, and also Reece.

It carries 60 litres (a medium sized rucsac full) and up to 70 Kg when pulled by a bike.

It comes with a cover and is quality approved to the German TUV standards.

Amazon have it for just £57.95 but wait, Cyclesense who are becoming a regular feature on OLV have it for just £54.99 I'll leave you to compare the carriage charges.


Anonymous said...

The cyclesense website says 35KG as a cycle trailer, 70KG as a _hand_ trailer!

Mike @ Onelessvan said...

Anonymous was right. I took my information from which says that the smaller 40 Litre version carries 31kg while the larger 60 Litre model featured carries 70kg.
I suspect Cyclesense have the correct figure.