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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stop me and buy one again.

My apologies for the length of time since my last post. Problems in my marriage have meant that I'm having to use the library PC for research and posting. Computer time at the library is limited to one hour blocks.

I've also been busy trying to find another place to live, change GP, Dentist etc in Great Yarmouth. Enough.

Back to workbikes. Once again my Adsense adverts in the right hand column have come to my rescue. Whitby-Morrisson produce a range of vending trikes for the sale of Ices and Hotdogs.

Details of weights, gears, brakes etc are a bit scant but here here are a couple of pictures culled, as is my wont, from their website.

The top picture is of their basic "Giovanni" model which is for stuff like wrapped ice creams and chilled water as illustrated. With this trike and frozen goods you have 6 hours selling time. The trike is 2m long and 900mm wide.

The lower picture is of the "Holdover" model which has a real fridge and can give you 12 hours selling time from a 12 hour charge. It's partularly good for selling scooped ice cream but I'm sure there must be other goods which it would suit. The Holdover is 2.1m long and 1m wide.

Whitby Morrisson also produce a Hotdog trike. Unfortunately clicking on it's image just takes you to the "Holdover's" page again. The details are few except for this.

All Whitby Morrison trikes can be sign written / liveried to your requirements prior to delivery.

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