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Friday, June 27, 2008

Radical Cyclone Cargo

Another flatbed trailer, the Radical Cyclone, is available from Norman Faye Cycles (0191 456 1055) or from Bikefix (+44 (0) 20 7405 1218). I wasn't able to access the former website but bikefix charge £280.
The frame is made of aluminium the Cyclone runs on 16 inch wheels. The straps to attach your holdall or toolbox are built in and can be seen folded in the picture.
The trailer appears very rugged and Bryan Ball, Managing Editor of "BentriderOnline" (on-line mag for fans of recumbent bikes in the USA) calls it "One of the best in the world" and goes on to enthuse "...the Cyclone is lighter, has better quality and more features than the [Burley] Nomad". The cyclone is also up against the 7Kg Carry Freedom Y Large which will carry 90Kg (yes 90Kg!) for a mere £210.
The Cyclone carries the usual 40Kg and it's unladen weight is 5.7 Kg. It folds flat for storage and re-assembles very quickly.

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