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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The pickup style trike which I mentioned a while ago under the "Ppp pickup" heading seems to have been deleted from the Triycleweb catalogue. They still have a range of two and three wheeled bakfiatsen though. They've also added a nice little bakfietsen video to the site.

The trailer pictured above is another monowheel this time from Ridgeback and available from Evans Cycles stores around the country and on the web at £159.99.

The following are the details directly from their web site:

"Expedition capability and day-to-day practicality make this a really useful addition to any bike - Folding box-section steel frame for easy storage - Frame and wheel can be carried or stored within its own bag - Waterproof fabric bag has huge storage capacity - Low-profile treaded tyre works on or off-road - Reflector and flag included for added visibility - Simple fitting system works with any bike - Weight approx 8kgs complete."

Again this monowheel is aimed at the adventure camping market but at OLV we see it more as a towable tool bag. From a thread on velovision I gather that this trailer is sold under other trade names and is identical to Mission's offering apart from the bag though I can't find a monowheel on mission's site.

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