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Friday, October 3, 2008

Jakob Nordin wrote to me on 19th September and only now do I get around to mentioning his email. Sorry Jakob. The text of his email was thus:

"Hi and thanks for a great homepage. You´ve sadly forgot the mother of all transport-bikes, the Long John! will fill you in on all the details. WBR Jakob Ps. I´m in the process of creating a Transport-Hybrid by crossing a bike trailer and a Long John. Ds."

Well, below is the Long John with it's load between the saddle and the front wheel. This next bit is from the long john .org website (except that I've omitted the german & Danish language sites).

"The manufacturer of the "original" Long John, Everton Smith in Denmark (owner of the brand S.C.O.), perished in 1997. Long John production shifted to Monark Exercise in Sweden, who stopped building these bikes in 2003, then restarted in 2007. The current Monark model is quite similar to Long Johns built by Everton Smith in the mid-nineties. In Germany, Monark Long Johns are currently being sold by USED, Quakenbr├╝ck. See their website for more (English)Velorbis in Copenhagen imports Monark Long Johns to Denmark and other countries under their own (English) (English) ".

I couldn't find much detail on the used-hq site saving three pictures but the Velorbis site led me to Chopperdrome in the Netherlands who quote €1999. and mention that the bike has three speeds. The "100kg, 120 cm" stencilling in the photo seems to refer to payload and load length. Other than that they are equipped with a british Brookes saddle and Sturmey Archer hub gear there is little more I can tell you.
So here's a thousand words...

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Mark said...

You can get a Monark Long John in the UK from Loads Better - Loads Better are getting Long Johns with SRAM P5 cargo 5-speed hubs.