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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The best in the west?

I was really pleased to receive this email from Rob Bushill of really useful bikes, it's the kind of extra dealer and product information that I felt was a bit lacking on OLV. Here it is as sent:

Hi Mike,I thought I would introduce us to you. We are 'really useful bikes'( we have been around for a while now (used to be called the longbike centre) and we specialise in cargo and bikes that carry you + stuff. We hope to have bikes that appeal to cyclists and non cyclists alike, with practicality at the top of the agenda. I have seen your comment about the Kona Ute, It's a very interesting bike and good that kona have seen past the need to carry very heavy loads and made a bike for carrying volume…like shopping, not too heavy but bulky. The 08 bike is a good one, the changes for 09 are sensible detail changes that 08 owners can easily do if they deem it necessary (although there will only be 50 of them, the amount kona brought in to the UK). We have a small stock here, the only ones to have stock actually available I suspect and more to the point we have a demo bike here so try before you buy.If you every wanted to pop down and see the place, it's a un assuming space, 'designed' to be unlike a cycle shop and thus be inviting to 'non cyclists', which if you think about it are the right people to be aiming these products. Many of our visitors are aiming to replace the second car, perhaps there should be an offshoot of your site named 'one less second car'….it doesn't quite have that ring to it does it……..If you ever want to come down to Bristol/Bath and maybe have a ride out with a few bikes, yuba mundo, kona ute and Africa bike, xtracycle, workcycles FR8, Bakfiets and others, give us a ring we would make you very welcome. It would be good to chat and meet the man behind one less van.

All the bestRob Bushill

Mark Forster

07801 150727

Thankyou for all that Rob, and your kind invitation. I will try to get to see you soon but time and money for travel are a bit lacking just at the moment. I hope you don't mind my "lifting" a couple of pictures (Workcycle top, Bakfiets bottom) from your site. Call it advertising :-).

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