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Sunday, January 11, 2009

To the BatBike...

I came across the web page of Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop this morning and amongst their range of stylish Dutch bikes for general use I found this, the Batavus Personal Delivery bike. The word personal in the name refers to the factory addition of a personal numbers in big letters on the frame which has, apparently, proved popular with hire fleet operators such as Centre Parcs and commercial fleet users like TNT in Holland. Users can easily spot "their" bike.

Batavus produce this bike in black or orange and in single speed or three speed versions and steering and attachment locks, stand, lighting and a saddle bag with repair kit are included in the price. I feel that a single speed bike is a bit to much like hard work in the UK and notice that Littlehampton are only advertising the Shimano Nexus 3 speeder. Price is £678. A wicker basket for the front of the bike can be had for an additional £55. The bike is quite heavy at 25.3Kg and it seems a shame that it cannot be bought with the Nexus 7 speed gears available on the other models in the range. The attention to detail seems good though with niceties such as straps for the rear rack being included. I've only noticed this on the Giant Expression LX before. The Hi Ten steel frame looks chunky and should be durable.

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