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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fifth Wheel

Just occassionally I get around to checking out websites that I have previously scoured in case of something new or just to check on a fact or dimension or WHY.

So it was that I was perusing the site of Mission Cycles when I realised that had added this new trailer specifically designed to increase the carrying ability of their tricycles. The trailer is pretty big, with a load area of 31x24x13 inches. The Chicago Trailer costs £175 plus a modest £10 delivery and runs on 16 inch wheels. The extra long tow arm is designed, as you can see in the picture, to reach over the rear basket of missions tricycles. Which led me to speculate that it could be ideal behind a Kona Ute, a Yuba Mundo or an Extracycle conversion when the need to carry that bit more arises. If anyone wants to test my theory than please let me know the result. I don't have the necessary measurements to be certain of a fit. The trailer comes in any colour you like....

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workbike said...

I've sometimes wondered if you could make a trike trailer with a Gooseneck attachment mounting above the axle of the trike, so the weight helped traction. I've no idea if it would work but I thought it may be a solution for heavy or long loads.