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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Once again, just when I thought I'd seen it all and that there was nothing left to report on a reader comes to my rescue.

Zaynan Lythgoe of emailled to let me know about themselves in general and the Madsen Cargo Bikes from the USA . Practical cycles are the sole UK dealer for these cargo bikes which are similar in layout to Mike Burrow's 8 freight but with a number or detail differences.

Constructed from oversize steel tubing the Bucket and rack versions can both carry 271Kg (Yes 271!) and are equipped with SRAM X5 8 speed gears with trigger shift levers. Braking is by means of discs front and rear.

The bucket version is equpped with a removable seat and seatbelts for children but it could equally be used for goods.

Practical cycles are near Preston, Lancs, and chaqrge £1099 for the bucket version and £999 for the rack model. They can deliver in the UK for £25

Three colours are available, Black, Cream & pale blue. Hard tops for the bucket version and bags for the rack version are under development. Speaking as a short-arse I particularly like the fact that the Madsen allows adjustment for riders from five-foot-nothing to six-feet-six. Shame my Mrs is four foot ten!

Thanks to Zaynan for letting me know about these. Practical offer test rides so if you partake of one then please let me have your thoughts.

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aliquis said...

Hi, I've just found your blog and all the interesting bikes.

Trying to decide what to get, at the moment looking at Kona Ute and the U... Whatever, the german one ;D Ugon.. wtf.. you get it, long one :)

Also been thinking about fixed road bike / cyclocross / heavy duty fixed for winter usage.

Anyway, I've also had an interest for recumbents such as KMX trikes but my new interest for loading them with groceries (and ladies?) don't mix very well, and the seat also remove the possibility of using a back pack.

Could you think about some good solution? Any bag system? Trailer? Welded on thing? Extra cargo space of some sort.

Feel free to come with some ideas / investigate possible ways to load a recumbent (trike preferably) with cargo on the blog =P