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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A bit on the side.

I ran across a bicycle with a sidecar when I was searching Google Images for anything new for the blog. The one I saw had and aerodynamic sidecar for a passenger and of course I had to see if anyone had come up with commercial cargo variation. Narrowing my search I found  a wonderful site called OldBike with some long gone cargo bikes, trikes and sidecars. Then I found this photo on the website of an Italian park  The Parco La Mandria, near Turin.. The photo was on the English version of the site. It seems to have electric assist and 26 inch wheels and is its designed to accept a wheel chair.  In America Jeinkel Heimer Bicycle Sidecars produce these cargo carriers (lower two pictures)  at their base in California. Nothing found from the UK though, unless of course, you know different.

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