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Friday, March 19, 2010

I was having a trawl through the Google Images this morning and found this ebay page advertising another tubular framed, canvas covered load trailer. The details were a bit scant but the trailer folds for storage and has a load box capacity of 140 Litres (2 good rucsacs full) and internal dimensions of (Cms) 70Lx56Wx36H.. The payload weight is max 100kg and the good bit is the price tag of £57.99 plus £9.90 UK mainland delivery.

From KMS Distribution Limited who are the importers. Judging from the picture the trailer seems to have a metal floor under the (covered) load bag. That being the case some customization should be possible. I'd fancy some weld-mesh sides for trips to the tip. Wheels seem to be 20 inch with wheelchair type QR hubs. Further information can be had from or phone 01268 733888.01268 733888

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